Paranormal Genealogy - Why I’m Sharing My Story

Paranormal Genealogy - Why I’m Sharing My Story #Genealogy #Paranormal #ParanormalGenealogy

I decided to write this book (“Paranormal Genealogy: True Short Stories From My Family History Journey”) to share the many strange and inexplicable events that have occurred in my twenty plus years of researching my Family History. I debated for years whether to share these stories. 

I had many questions and concerns about writing these stories and sharing them: Are they too personal to share? What will others think? Is this topic to “woo” for others? Are there more people who have shared similar experiences? If so, why aren’t they talking about this?

The one question that continued to arise is whether or not these events I’ve experienced are truly “Paranormal” or not. I mean, isn’t it “normal” for ancestors to visit or guide us through our research? Isn’t it “normal” to have spiritual encounters? This inner debate prevented me from writing this book and sharing these stories in the past.

Then, one day it hit me... I needed to share these stories! I felt the need to share my stories and let others know they are not alone in experiencing these events. There are more people than I realized who experience these events.

In my research (and after sharing my stories) I’ve realized these paranormal (or spiritual) encounters occur in several common ways. I will share more of those common encounters in the future.

Paranormal Genealogy - Why I’m Sharing My Story #Genealogy #Paranormal #ParanormalGenealogy
Have you experienced Paranormal events on your Family History journey? I’d love to hear about them!

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